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Organic honey

offered by the Tsipinovs’ apiary is the result of the hard work during the beekeeping season from March to October. During this period the apiary moves among different melliferous herbs 7-9 times within a radius of 400 km on the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria and Stavropol area. Hence there are 5 types of honey each of which has its own color, aroma and taste depending on the dominant source plant.

Each of the 5 honey varieties has its own unique physical property and composition. That is why each type of honey is not only healthy but also specifically healing (see details on the labels).

Organic honey crystallization is a natural process indicating the quality of honey. Crystal sizes may be different: beginning from large ones when they “crisp” on teeth and small ones with a consistence resembling melted butter.

In case we have liquid honey among our products in the period from December to May next year, you should know that it all was melted according to the consumers’ demand, strictly following scientifically recommended technologies. It means we use a bain-marie with the heating temperature not higher than 55 degrees Celsius. All useful properties of honey are fully preserved. Recrystallization of such honey during the following 20-40 days proves that it does not burn while remelting.

Besides, there is a scientifically proven opinion on benefits of honey which is remelted in cold time of the year (journal “Pchelovodstvo” 2002, #2).

When crystallizing in reservoirs there appears a 5-10 cm layer of pure glucose on the surface of honey. The same happens when natural honey crystallizes in jars: when honey is thickening the glucose is forced on the surface because it’s density is less. That is why you can find white stains and streaks on the surface of honey.

Different types of honey have different crystallization time. Those types where fructose dominates (i.e. May honey/ early spring honey, multiflower mountain and prairie honey) crystallize from November to December. And those types where glucose dominates (sunflower and buckwheat honey) crystallize in from September to December. What type of honey to consume in different seasons of a year? It is your choice, we offer you all types.

For those who would like to buy honey in large cans (52-55 kg) we can organize tours to apiaries during pumping. It will impress you and your children for the rest of your lives!

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